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News: Rejuvenating My Blog

PhotoGrid_1438801203742After a two year sabbatical from art, I have returned with a new sense of purpose and joy. My creative juices and intuitive channel are powerful rejuvenating forces that I welcome back in my life! (visit my website at to explore my art & art products).

As much as I thought I could integrate the art with my passion for style on “one” blog, it’s not really working for me. I took a risk about a year ago integrating my blogs and now, I’m separating them again. will return to being my digital art blog and I promise, I won’t change it again!

My personal style blog is now If you like following my fashion style and inspiration, please follow this new blog.

I appreciate your understanding! When I used to write and publish a weekly art newsletter several years ago, it was easy to keep the commitment to once a week. However, a daily blog is more challenging for me since most of my day spent in creation of art, etc.

This means moving forward, I have decided to make EVERY Sunday the day where I write and publish the blog more like a newsletter. This will help me keep the blog up to date and hopefully, keep you connected more to my ongoing art process.

Thank you for following my blog and again, for your understanding in my decision to split things back into two blogs.

Blessings & Namaste,

Genece Hamby

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