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Friends Always Stick Together

I find the pattern design process exhilarating! It’s very different from the quiet, soulful feeling I have when working on a digital painting. I think it’s because I’ve been obsessed with product  design, development, and specifically packaging design since a child.

At about eight, my Father bought my Mother a bottle of Givenchy perfume. I remember keeping the packaging box. Of course, my Mom thought that wanting an empty box was an odd request. LOL! However, to me, it was something to recreate using colored pencils and drawing paper. Guess it explains why I spent most of my career developing and refining my digital design skills.

Friends Always Stick Together is a design I created specifically to be used for a traditional hook umbrella. Recently, a friend visited from Chicago and spending a couple of days with her reminded me how much I cherish my close friendships. Parts of this design were extracted from one of my award-winning digital paintings that I created out of the bond and love I feel about sisterhood and friendship, Autumn’s Friendship.

Though I don’t offer umbrellas on my website yet, a few friends who knew about it told their other friends about it. Now, I have several orders for umbrellas so I’m scrambling to finish the five (5) planned designs. Ahhhh, the joy of friends spreading generosity — always sticking together no matter what. I don’t have an abundance of close friends. Yet, the friends I have are lifelong 🙂 And, they all are uniquely different in every way that counts!!!

Here’s sort of how the umbrella design will look for Friends Always Stick Together from the manufacturer’s template (template design on left, pattern design on the right:





Autumn’s Friendship, Digital Painting



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