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Mr Bubbles: Fun Under the Sea

The past week, I’ve been consumed by a genealogy editing project helping my Sister. Though I enjoy helping her, editing is not as much fun as creating art 🙂

I took a break from the intense concentration of editing to simply “play”–no real sense of creative direction. I just needed to draw, paint and create from a place of child-like joy.

It started with a fish using only a couple of colors. I wanted to create texture and movement without a lot of color. Once finished with my bi-colored fish, Mr. Bubbles, I had this silly moment of thinking what would happen if this little fish were to go through a magical bubble. How would he be transformed? Well, in my world, he went through that bubble exploding in color! Of course, since I love color, it became Mr. Bubbles having fun under the sea.

Today, I’m spending time with friends at a winery. I’m ready for another break from editing. Who knows, I could come home after a day of fun and paint something even sillier. Or, then again, I could go the opposite direction and create something more dramatic. Halloween is coming so maybe I need to paint something spooky or scary. We shall see!!!

On another note, I’ve been surprised that from my online products I’ve sold mostly umbrellas this week. If it were Spring, I’d get it. Or, if they were being sold to women in the the Northwest I’d get it. LOL! One thing for certain, I’m learning more about art products for everyday use and the more I learn, the more joy I feel! There is a lot to learn and I’m a hungry student!

Here’s Mr. Bubbles and Fun Under the Sea



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