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Along the Canyon

What a crazy few weeks of busy activity! Getting time to paint or design hasn’t been all that easy. Seems like Spring and Fall are always my busiest seasons…could be that they’re my two favorite seasons and I love being out and about enjoying the weather. Winter and Summer has too many extremes between hot and cold.

A few days ago, I started the Deepak Chopra & Oprah, 21 Day Meditation. This time around, the focus is on “believing” and how it impacts every aspect of your life. On Day 5 and up to this point, I’m enjoying this free meditation a lot!

Want to learn about the 21 Day Meditation, click here. checkitout

I did do one painting this week. It was after Day 3 of the meditation. That day, I remained in a quiet, very serene place and what I painted reflects the state of my belief and feeling that day. I love the colors that shaped the painting from deep rusty reds and oranges to soft pinks, lavenders and violets to shades of green–each color called to me as I layered them into the sky and canyon.

I’ve called it “Along the Canyon” (see it below) Click here for a larger view or to purchase. checkitout

On another note, I’m often asked if I offer smaller 5×7 prints. In past years, the smallest print I offered was an 8×10. Because of the many requests, I now offer 5×7 unmatted mini prints on select paintings from each collection. Mini prints are $9 plus $3 shipping/handling. Along the Canyon is available as a 5×7 mini print.

Check out the 5×7 unmatted mini prints checkitout

Along the Canyon: canvas and matted print (frame not included)


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