expressing stillness, beauty & grace thru art

Newest Pattern Designs

Besides digital painting daily, I divide my creative time between painting and illustrating pattern designs. New to pattern design only a couple of months, I’m working on several collections for the coming year that are ideal for home decor, gift products, and fashion.

So far, I’ve started a fashion inspired collection,  a holiday collection for gift wrapping products, and a whimsical collection. One thing I’ve learned about creating pattern designs for seamless patterns — it’s far more detailed and involved than digital painting. It requires a different kind of skill set that includes a strong sense of precision in the creation stage. There’s a lot of thought ahead in what I’m creating and how it can evolve as an image that can be used for seamless patterns.

Here’s a few of my newest repeat patterns I’ve been working on and two art umbrellas that customers recently purchased from my online shop as it evolves.

Fun Under the Sea Umbrella  colorful kissing fish

FunUnderTheSea_UmbrellaBuy the Shoes Pattern Design  shades of purple high heels and famous shoe quotes

Happy Holidays Reindeer Seamless Pattern (pattern design with Christmas lights, stocking, Christmas tree, mistletoe, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, stars, and Christmas bow)


In Love Umbrella and Buy the Shoes Umbrella (customer pictures)


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