expressing stillness, beauty & grace thru art

About Genece

AgeOfAdaline_PreScreening3_041615As a highly creative individual, my artistic expression has taken many paths in the past 40 years. For 25+ years, I was a branding and marketing communications specialist serving individuals, entrepreneurs and small business. In 2001, I created a dynamic personal branding program working with clients worldwide who were self-entrepreneurs–individuals like authors, artists, trainers, speakers, psychologists, and more. I certified professionals to facilitate my program in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK..

In 2007, I returned to the Midwest to care for my Mother who has since passed away. During the time caring for her, I started digital painting first as a hobby and then professionally. I have won several art awards for “best in show” and am often asked to speak on digital art and on branding for artists.

As a digital artist, I am best known for the use of bold colors and creating texture in a digital painting. You can learn more about me by visiting the website:

Having the most fun!
Genece Hamby 🙂


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